Proficiency Test

About the test

Packetprep Proficiency test is a systematic means of testing a candidate's abilities to perform specific tasks and react to a range of different situations. The assessment calibrates various factors like Numerical reasoning, verbal reasoning, abstract reasoning, speed, accuracy, and other such abilities.

The use of aptitude and knowledge tests to screen potential job applicants has long been standard practice across many different sectors. As such they have become an important and integral part of the overall interview process.


Quantitative Aptitude

  • Number System
  • Decimal Fractions
  • Simplifications
  • Squares and Square Roots
  • Average
  • Problems on Numbers
  • Problems on Ages
  • Surds and Indices
  • Percentage
  • Profit and Loss
  • Partnership
  • Chain Rule
  • Time and Work
  • Pipes and Cisterns
  • Time and Distance
  • Problems on Trains
  • Boats and streams
  • Alligation or Mixture
  • Simple Interest
  • Compound Interest
  • Logarithms
  • Area
  • Volume and Surface Area
  • Calendar
  • Clocks
  • Permutation and Combinations
  • Probability
  • Heights and Distances

Mental Ability

  • Series Completion
  • Analogy
  • Sequential Output Tracing
  • Classification
  • Logical Venn Diagrams
  • Direction Sense Test
  • Logical Sequence of Words
  • Assertion and Reason
  • Situation Reaction Test
  • Verification of Truth of the statement

Logical Reasoning

  • Logic
  • Deriving Conclusions from passages
  • Assumptions
  • Arguments
  • Courses of Action
  • Conclusions
  • Cause and Effect Reasoning

Performance Certificate

A verified certificate from PacketPrep can provide proof for an employer, company or other institution that you have successfully completed an online course and took the assessment.