Mental Ability

General mental ability is one of the prime topics of most of the entrance examinations. The mental ability problems, test the reasoning & interpretation skills of candidates.


1 months


  • 1  Reasoning

    • Verification of Truth of the statement Practice 0 / 13
      In this type of question, the candidate is required to stress only on truth of the facts that always hold. Questions are asked in context of a particular thing or factor that is always characterized by a special part or feature.
    • Situation Reaction Test Practice 0 / 56
      This test is mainly to judge a candidates's ability to use his presence of his mind to tackle a given situation he may come across any time in life. The candidate is, thus, expected to choose the best response which shall present him/her as a good person or a sincere professional.
    • Assertion and Reason Practice 0 / 19
      This test is meant to judge the candidates knowledge and with it, his ability to reason out correctly. In this test, two statements referred to as the Assertion(A) and Reason(R) respectively are provided. Five alternative comments on these are given and the correct one is to be chosen.
    • Eligibility Test Practice 0 / 61
      In this type of questions, you are given the necessary qualifications required to be fulfilled by a candidate for a certain vacancy in job/promotion/facility, along with the bio-data of certain candidates who have applied for the same. You are then required to assess the candidates eligibility or potential and thereby decide upon the course of action to be taken from among the given alternatives.
    • Data Sufficiency Practice 0 / 57
      This section consists of problems in which a question on any topic such as Coding-Decoding, Blood Relations, Puzzle Test, Direction Sense Test etc. is given, followed by certain statements containing facts providing clues to solve the questions. The candidate is required to find out which of the given statements is/are sufficient to answer the given question.
    • Inserting the missing character Practice 0 / 76
      In this type of questions, a figure, a set of figures, an arrangement, or a matrix is given, each of which bears certain characters, be it numbers, letters or a group/combination of letters/numbers, following a certain pattern. The candidate is required to decipher this pattern and accordingly find the missing character in the figure.
    • Logical Sequence of Words Practice 0 / 22
      In this type of questions, certain inter-related words are given and numbered, followed by various sequence of the numbers denoting them, as alternatives. The candidate is required to arrange these words in a logical sequence based on a common property and then choose the correctly graded sequence from the given alternatives.
    • Number Ranking Time Sequence Practice 0 / 105
      In this type of questions, generally a set, group or series of numerals is given and the candidate is asked to trace out numerals following certain given conditions or lying at specific mentioned positions after shuffling according to a certain given pattern
    • Direction Sense Test Practice 0 / 20
      The main objective of these questions is to test the candidate's ability to identify the direction in respect of a person who has moved in different directions from his original position.
    • Logical Venn Diagrams Practice 0 / 129
      This type of reasoning problems tests your ability to analyze the relationship between different items. In each question, there will be four diagrams, and you have to select one which you think best illustrates the relationship between different items.
    • Classification Practice 0 / 230
      This type of reasoning question offers you four words. All words, except one, are related to one another in some manner, i.e., three words out of the four words will be in the same classification. You have to select one word that is not related to others.
    • Sequential Output Tracing Practice 0 / 48
      Sequential output tracing contain a message comprising of random letters or words or numbers given as the data took after by steps of adjustments to give sequential output.The applicant is to follow out the example in the given course of action and after that locate the required output step as required by the directions given in the problems/questions.
    • Analogy Practice 0 / 374
      Analogy means a similar relationship. Two elements in the form of words or numbers are given and need to find the same association between any two given words/numbers.Analogy tests are meant to test a student’s overall knowledge, power and ability to think accurately and concisely.

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